This is Finn - an original art bunndoll from the duo Sebastian & Finn. 
He is all handmade from  soft faux fur, has a special handmade glass eyes and is hand sculpted from polymer clay - every single part is made by hand and not in mold. It is hand sewn and hand painted. Basically he is a one of a kind special and cuddly bunny rabbit.
This bunny rabbit has moving elements which are moving paws, legs and head and also has very big and wavy ears.
His size sitting is around 16 cm and his full length is 21 cm.
He comes in his own little silky pouch, where he cuddles till you have him.
Each Bunndoll is an original piece of art. 


Bunndolls are mixture between bunnies and human. They have this big expecting staring sight that would make you think… They all have characters, they are all looking for home to live in. The first Bunny I ever made was just to keep me company while working and drawing. Because it usually sits on the table I work at, the bunny got covered in ink and color and it actually looks like it’s doing more work than me and that’s how I decided to call it The Artist. The bunndolls are entirely hand made.


Keep in mind:

✔This stuffed doll is made for adult collectors and is not safe for young children.
✔ You should not scrach its colored parts, if you do the color might scratch off or ware off.
✔ Colors: Item’s colors may vary slightly due your own computer color


  • ✔Size - sitting is around 16 cm and his full length is 21 cm

    ✔All handmade

    ✔ Has moving elements

    ✔Materials - faux fur fabric, polymer clay, handmade glass eyes, doll filling, pastels,, varnish, has ooden and metal element