Hard enamel pin "Grace".

Everything has lines and  a line by itself is always graceful.
Everything has at least a little bit of oddness in it. It is sometimes hidden, other times it is out there, showing of and beeing proud, but the point is that we all have to embrace it, own it and be happy to have it!
Here in our Alley of Wonders we celebrate it!

These pins are for all your creative hearts out there.
You can attach a pin to your fave jacket, bags or clothing or collect all pins and display them.
It would also make amazing gift for all friends and close ones to your heart.


  • ✓ Hard Enamel gold plated pin
    ✓ Size: 5,3cm x 3cm

    ✓Has two pins on its back

    ✓Comes with butterfly clutches  or  black rubber clutches