Selling some of my original artworks. It would be best of they could find a new owner that would enjoy them hanging on their walls. And this way I would have more space to create at my work place.

All of the atworks are framed with white painted frames + glass and they are included in the price.

✓Artworks' sizes:

 - "Life on a boat" - framed 47x 47cm ; unframed 37x37cm ; without passepartout 31x31cm (the passepartout has  grey edges)

 - "Cage" - framed  45x 44cm ; 

 - "Home theater" - framed 58x53 cm ; unframed 48x43 cm

 - "The Gold Fish"- framed  47x41  cm ; unframed 39x32 cm

 - "The Story teller"- framed  67x56  cm ; unframed 57x47 cm

 - "Hour glass"- framed  59x49cm ; unframed 49x39 cm; without passepartout 39x32cm


✓On the last image  (or after each artwork with diferent type of frame) you can see the type of frame that comes with the artwork.

✓If you are interested in the artwork without the frame, you can get the drawing on paper. This way you can frame it the way you decide.

✓Some of the frames might have a scratched spot on them , but if this is the case with the one you choose i will let you know in photoes how it looks.



PriceFrom лв110.00
  • ✓Framed artworks

    ✓Ink & Pen drawing on paper (black ink)

    ✓White colour frame + glass ( some have passepartout)

    ✓The size of each artwork is mentioned in the product description

    ✓Each artwork has a red logo stamp +  name  on its lower side

    ✓You can get the artwork with or without the frame