A very special white sleeping bear pin/brooch to make you feel dreamy and special having one on your side.
It shows your kind soul and your gentle touch to all living creatires out there.

They come in very limited edition (as everything on this store) and each one had been handmade with lots of love and attention.

Each one is a bit different from the rest as I don't use casts and molds.


Wear your special piece and make sure the rest of the world can see you!


*Care tips:

Please keep in mind that  this is a handmade product. It is sustainable, but if you force it, put pressure on it, or use it incorrectly it might brake.



    • Handmade
    • Polymer clay
    • 2 x gold metal pin
    • 4x1,3x2cm
      (length/ hight/ wide)