Flowers are gentle and beautiful. And this here is a white flower from our Alley of wonders' secret garden. 

Our white matt  unglazed flower petals are handcrafted in a beautiful delicacy. They are simple, minimalistic and translucent and what is very special about these little pearls is that they make a seashell sound when they rub against each other.. 

They are made from high temperature french porcelain.


Wear your special piece and make sure the rest of the world can see you!


*Care tips:

Please keep in mind that  this is a handmade product. It is sustainable, but if you force it, put pressure on it, or use it incorrectly it might get scratched or brake.



  • ✓The petals are hadmade from very white, high temperature porcelain.

    ✓1 petal 's size - 3 cm x 2 cm 

    ✓Comes on 56cm in length  dainty 925 silver chain